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13:00-13:10 Speaker 1 Dr. Dabota Yvonne Buowari
Topic Work life balance during The COVID-19 pandemic
13:10-13:20 Speaker 2 Dr. Helen Goodyear
Topic Work-family conflict
13:20-13:30 Speaker 3 Dr. Yoshiko Maeda
Topic Work-Life Balance of Urologists in Japan during The COVID-19 Pandemic
13:30-13:40 Speaker 4 Prof. Dr. Padmini Murthy
Topic Gender Discrimination – A Challenge to Achieve Work-Life Balance
13:40-13:50 Speaker 5 Prof. Dr. Dr. Bettina Pfleiderer
Topic Work-life balance from The employee and employer perspective - challenges and chances
13:50-14:00 Speaker 6 Dr. Wen-Hsuan Hou
Topic The difference of work-life balance factors on sleep quality between male and female physicians in hospitals

Q & A Discussion

14:45-15:00 Speaker 1 Dr. Janice Werbinski
Topic Mandating Sex and Gender Health Education in Medical Schools: What can we learn from global efforts?
15:00-15:15 Speaker 2 Prof. Dr. Dr. Bettina Pfleiderer
Topic Sex and Gender Healthcare Education in Germany - Breakthroughs and Barriers
15:15-15:30 Speaker 3 Dr. Sofia Ahmed
Topic TBC
15:30-15:45 Speaker 4 Dr. Elizabeth Lichtenstein
Topic Lessons learned from implementing Gender Perspectives in Medical Education
15:45-16:00 Speaker 5 Dr. Antonella Vezzani
Topic TBC
16:00-16:15 Q & A Discussion
14:45-15:00 Speaker 1 Dr. Carmencita Padilla
Topic TBC
15:00-15:15 Speaker 2 Dr. Duangrurdee Wattanasirichaigoon
Topic Genetic diagnosis in Thailand: past, present and future
15:15-15:30 Speaker 3 Dr. Yi-Hui Lin
Topic Advances in genetic diagnosis: prenatal perspective
15:30-15:45 Speaker 4 Dr. Ni-Chung Lee
Topic Advances in genetic diagnosis: newborn screening and postnatal perspective
15:45-16:00 Speaker 5 Dr. Chun-Hui (Anne) Tsai
Topic Genetic diagnosis across boundaries: culture difference and counseling
16:00-16:15 Q & A Discussion
18:15-18:35 Speaker 1 Dr. Dabota Yvonne Buowari
Topic Combating medical workplace violence
18:35-18:55 Speaker 2 Dr. Clarissa Fabre
Topic Sexual harassment of doctors by doctors
18:55-19:15 Speaker 3 Dr. Margaret Owoloyi Popoola
Topic Workplace violence against female doctors; real or perceived
19:15-19:45 Q & A Discussion
18:15-18:30 Speaker 1 Prof. Ruby Yun-Ju HUANG
Topic TBC
18:30-18:45 Speaker 2 Dr. Valerie Heong
Topic Genetic testing landscape of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome in Singapore
18:45-19:00 Speaker 3 Prof. Clare Scott
Topic Genetic surveillance of women’s cancers in Australia
19:00-19:15 Speaker 4 Dr. Yusuke Kobayashi
Topic Current status of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer practice among Gynecologic Oncologists in Japan
19:15-19:45 Q & A Discussion
19:45-19:55 Speaker 1 Dr. Mandakini Megh
Topic Role of Social Media in Reducing Non Communicable Diseases in Women
19:55-20:05 Speaker 2 Dr. Beverly Johnson
Topic Canadian Women Physicians, Social Media and The COVID-19 Pandemic
20:05-20:15 Speaker 3 Dr. Padmini Murthy
Topic Role of Social Media in Promoting SDG 3 and SDG 5
20:15-20:25 Speaker 4 Dr. Marion Okoh-Owusu
Topic Introducing ICT programs for high school-age girls in Ghana for brighter futures
20:25-20:35 Speaker 5 Dr. Genevieve Koolhas
Topic TBC
20:35-20:45 Speaker 6 Dr. Justina Melkis
Topic The Role of a Medical Student influencer on Social Media
20:45-20:55 Speaker 7 Dr. Khatuna Kaladze
Topic TBC
20:55-21:15 Q & A Discussion
8:00-8:10 Speaker 1 Dr. Yueh-Ping Liu
Topic The Next Normal for Health Care Post COVID-19 in Taiwan
8:10-8:20 Speaker 2 Dr. Ching-Yi Lin
Topic Gender in Policy Making Participation
8:20-8:30 Speaker 3 Prof. in-Sook Park
Topic Women’s Leadership in Healthcare
8:30-8:40 Speaker 4 Prof. Susan Wearne
Topic People, Problem-solving and Prioritisation: Transferring Clinical Skills into Health Policy
8:40-8:50 Speaker 5 Prof. Shu-Ti Chiou
Topic From Evidence to Impact - Make Societal Changes Happen
8:50-9:00 Speaker 6 Prof. Joyce Tsung-Hsi Wang
Topic Uniting for Future Through Value-talk: What Taiwan Experience Can Bring The World
9:00-9:30 Q & A Discussion
8:00-8:15 Speaker 1 Prof. Ming-Jung Ho
Topic  Gender disparity in physician leadership
8:15-8:30 Speaker 2 Prof. Geeta Singhal
Topic  Why woman leave medicine and How female physicians address burnout professionally and personally.
8:30-8:45 Speaker 3 Prof. Julie Chen
Topic  Obstacles and opportunities for women students in undergraduate medical education
8:45-9:00 Speaker 4 Prof. Ling-Yu Yang
Topic  Recruitment and retention of female faculty—How mentoring, peer support, and faculty development can help
9:00-9:15 Speaker 5 Dr. Yan-Di Chang
Topic  Becoming a compassionate healer: A guide to self-care for women medical students doctors
9:15-9:30 Q & A Discussion 
8:00-8:15 Speaker 1 Prof. Megan Murray
Topic   A global perspective of TB control during COVID-19
8:15-8:30 Speaker 2 Dr. Chin-Hui Yang
Topic   Preparedness and response for EID: Taiwan’s experience in The battle with COVID-19
8:30-8:45 Speaker 3 Dr. Anita Pei-Chun Chan
Topic   The END TB Strategies and Lessons Learned from COVID19 Pandemic from Taiwan Experience
8:45-9:00 Speaker 4 Prof. Luan-Yin Chang
Topic   Household transmission of EV-A71 and long-term neurological outcome of EV-A71 CNS involvement
9:00-9:15 Speaker 5 Dr. Kathy I-Chen Tai
Topic   From Endemic to Pandemic: The Vaccine Development in Taiwan
9:15-9:30 Q & A Discussion  
13:00-13:10 Speaker 1 Dr. Chien-Dai Chiang
Topic  Experience sharing - promoting adolescent-friendly hospitals/clinics initiative in Taiwan
13:20-13:30 Speaker 2 Dr. Susan Sawyer
Topic  TBC
13:30-13:40 Speaker 3 Dr. Beverly Johnson
Topic  Contraception and The Prevention of Teenage Pregnancy- An Overview of Family Planning and Reaching Zero Unmet Need for Contraception's by 2020
13:40-13:50 Speaker 4 Prof. Dr. Padmini Murthy
Topic  TBC
13:50-14:00 Speaker 5 Dr. Clarissa Fabre
Topic  Prevention of teenage pregnancy: Ideas for The future
14:00-14:10 Speaker 6 Dr. Marion Okoh-Owusu
Topic TBC
14:10-14:30 Q & A Discussion 
13:00-13:15 Speaker 1 Dr. Carol Tham
Topic The Feminine side of stroke
13:15-13:30 Speaker 2 Dr. Rio Carla Pineda
Topic Epilepsy in women: The science of why it is special?
13:30-13:45 Speaker 3 Dr. Jen-Jen Su
Topic Reproductive issues for patients with multiple sclerosis
13:45-14:00 Speaker 4 Dr. Nai-Ching Chen
Topic Why Alzheimer’s disease hits women harder than men?
14:00-14:15 Speaker 5 Dr. Elena Moro
Topic Movement disorders in women
14:15-14:30 Q & A Discussion
13:00-13:15 Speaker 1 Prof. Huey-Ling Chen
Topic  Neonatal vaccination of HBV - interruption of liver disease and cancer from generation to generation
13:15-13:30 Speaker 2 Dr. Ayano inui
Topic  Prevention and treatment of women and children of HCV
13:30-13:45 Speaker 3 Prof. Grace Wong
Topic  Multidisciplinary care and noninvasive assessment of liver fibrosis
13:45-14:00 Speaker 4  Dr. Wen-Juei Jeng
Topic  Treatment of HBV infection – current challenges and new strategies toward cure
14:00-14:15 Speaker 5 Dr. Wan-Hsin Wen
Topic  Prevention of Mother-to-Infant Transmission of HBV in The Era of Universal Immunization
14:15-14:30 Q & A Discussion 
8:00-8:12 Speaker 1  Prof. Jacqueline Whang-Peng
Topic  Cancer Treatment in Taiwan, past, present and future
8:12-8:24 Speaker 2  Prof. Lilie Lin
Topic  Radiotherapy advances in gynecology malignancies
8:24-8:36 Speaker 3  Dr. Ying-Chun Shen
Topic  Hepatocellular Carcinoma --- New insights
8:36-8:48 Speaker 4  Dr. Yen-Lin Evelyn Chen
Topic  Proton therapy in oncology
8:48-9:00 Speaker 5  Dr. Victoria Wang
Topic  Novel therapies for KRAS driven cancer
9:00-9:12 Speaker 6  Dr. Jenny Ling-Yu Chen
Topic  Present and future of cancer immunotherapy
9:12-9:24 Speaker 7  Dr. Chiaojung Jillian Tsai
Topic  Treating oligometastatic disease in cancer
9:24-9:30 Q & A Discussion  
10:00-10:30 Speaker 1 Prof. Winnie Yeo
Topic  TBC
10:30-11:00 Speaker 2 Prof. Ava Kwang
Topic  TBC
11:00-11:30 Speaker 3 Dr. andrea A. Moreira
Topic  Breast reconstruction in young women: "Success is in The details" - Zig Ziglar
10:00-10:10 Speaker 1 Prof. Sayaka Katagiri
Topic  Porphyromonas gingivalis impairs glucose uptake in skeletal muscle associated with altering gut microbiota
10:10-10:20 Speaker 2 Dr. Maki Tanaka
Topic  The concept of temporomandibular joint treatment combined with systemic skeletal adjustment
10:20-10:30 Speaker 3 Prof. Yi-Wen Chen
Topic  Er:YAG Laser-assisted Treatment in Peri-implantitis
10:30-10:40 Speaker 4 Prof. Hai Ming Wong
Topic  Dental age assessment to address The social/legal issue of unregistered births
10:40-10:50 Speaker 5  Prof. Anu Polster
Topic  Effectiveness of simulation training and learning in first-year Doctor of Dental Surgery students at The Melbourne Dental School
10:50-11:00 Speaker 6 Prof. Ming-Gene Tu
Topic  VR-Simodont learning intergrated traditional pre-clinical endodontic course in The time of COVID-19 pandemic
11:00-11:10 Speaker 7 Prof. Min-Huey Chen
Topic Stem cells for oral tissue regeneration
11:10-11:30 Q & A Discussion 
10:00-10:20 Speaker 1   Dr. Lisa, Sang-Yeon Suh
Topic   Women in palliative care -focused on female patients with cancer
10:20-10:40 Speaker 2   Dr. Shao-Yi Cheng
Topic   Palliative Care in Taiwan
10:40-11:00 Speaker 3   Dr. Grace Amadi
Topic   Hoping for The Best and Preparing for The Worst: Helping Patients Achieve their Healthcare Goals through Palliative Care
11:00-11:20 Speaker 4   Dr. Tzu-Jung Chou
Topic   TBC
11:20-11:30 Q & A Discussion  
13:00-13:12 Speaker 1 Prof. Fung-Rong Hu
Topic  The journal toward establishing a "National Eye Bank"
13:12-13:24 Speaker 2 Chair. Vilavun Puangsricharern
Topic  Things to know about dry eye syndrome in women
13:24-13:36 Speaker 3 Prof. Catherine Jui-Ling Liu
Topic  What I believe a lady leader should be
13:36-13:48 Speaker 4 Prof. Yu-Chi Liu
Topic  My life as a woman clinician-scientist: Bridging between medicine and science, life and work
13:48-14:00 Speaker 5 Dr. Amy Pai
Topic  Covid, vaccine and The eye
14:00-14:12 Speaker 6 Prof. Wei-Li Chen
Topic  How to become ahappy female doctor with multiple potential
14:12-14:30 Q & A Discussion 
13:00-13:15 Speaker 1 Prof. Silvia Canetto
Topic  Women and suicide: Paradigm-shift evidence from Asia
13:15-13:30 Speaker 2 Prof. Lakshmi Vijayakumar
Topic  Is The gender paradox in suicide universal?
13:30-13:45 Speaker 3 Prof. Lai-Fong Chan
Topic  Gender, mental health and suicide prevention in health care workers.
13:45-14:00 Speaker 4 Prof. Ying-Yeh Chen
Topic  Gender equality as suicide prevention: The associations of women’s labor force participation and men’s family carewok on suicide rates
14:00-14:30 Q & A Discussion 
13:00-13:15 Speaker 1 Dr. Yi-Hua Liao
Topic  TBC
13:15-13:30 Speaker 2 Dr. Chin-Yi Yang
Topic  Update of pediatric Laser Therapy in pigmented Conditions
13:30-13:45 Speaker 3 Dr. Yen-Jen Wang
Topic  Mohs micrographic surgery and cellular resolution optical coherence tomography- precise surgical and imaging technique for skin cancer
13:45-14:00 Speaker 4 Dr. Chau Yee Ng
Topic  From Zero to One : Recent Advances in Vitiligo Vulgaris
14:00-14:15 Speaker 5 Prof. Joo-Young Roh
Topic  Autoimmune theories and Treatment of Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria
14:15-14:30 Q & A Discussion 
Topic Presenter
Prevalence and associated factors of non-adherence to anti-retroviral drug treatment in a tertiary institution in Rivers State Dr. Ogechukwu Mary-Anne Isokariari
Effects of transcranial direct current stimulation in altering spinal reflex excitability in stroke survivors Dr. Fariba Yadolahi
Risk and protective factors influencing risky sexual behaviours among adolescents in Rivers State Dr. Vivian Ifeoma Ogbonna
Age-specific trend and birth cohort effect on uterine corpus cancers in Taiwan Dr. Yi Jou Tai
Somatic mutation in three patients with PIK3CA-related overgrowth spectrum Dr. Rai-Hseng Hsu
Intraventricular antimicrobial therapy in children with persistent ventriculitis A/Prof. Warunee Vandepitte
“Physiological Measurement and Music Healthcare” - The implementation and evaluation of an interdisciplinary curriculum Ms. I-Ling Chen
Topic Presenter
Improving The health of Nigerian women and children through effective monitoring and evaluation Dr. Mininim Osejia
A comparison of disease survival between minimally invasive surgery and laparotomy in low-risk or intermediate/high-risk endometrial cancer Dr. Chu-Hsuan Kuo
Accelerators to reach The goal of elimination of cervical cancer Prof. Usha Saraiya
Full-thickness macular holes created during vitrectomy in proliferative diabetic retinopathy Dr. Mei-Chi Tsui
Use of human fibrin glue (Tisseel) versus suture during transvaginal natural orifice ovarian cystectomy of benign and non-endometriotic ovarian tumor: a retrospective comparative study Dr. Cindy (Hsuan) Weng
The impact of different treatment regimens on kidney injury in children with intracranial germ cell tumors Dr. Hui-Lan Chen
Ultrasonographical evaluation of The median nerve mobility in carpal tunnel syndrome: a systematic review Ms. Yu-Ting Huang
Topic Presenter
Clinical predictive score for prehospital large vessel occlusion stroke Mr. Welawat Tienpratarn
Globus pharyngeus and its developement; effect of The environment Dr. Winifred Udeh
Neonatal and childhood group B streptococcal infections in a tertiary hospital in Northern Taiwan Ms. Wan-Hsin Liu
Storybook reading as adjuvant therapy for cancer patients: a case report Dr. Kuei-Fang Chou
Improve effectiveness and satisfaction for medical students and patients through integrating structural competency framework model into pediatric chronic kidney disease teaching clinic Dr. Yi-Hsuan Tang
The importance of hypertension disease awareness related to hearing problem among adult Ms. Melysa Fitriana
Management of high viral load in an adolescent art recepient of care at Chilenje general hospital Dr. Rose Chirwa
Topic Presenter
Women’s right to Health information (Worthi) on early detection of breast and cervical cancer Dr. Uchechukwuka Okwe
Mucocutaneous Manifestation in HIV infected children and their relationship to The Clinico-Immunological Categories and CD4 indices in Umuahia , South East Nigeria. Dr. ODOCHI EWURUM
Factors affecting utilization of The National Health insurance Scheme by Federal Civil Servants in Rivers State, Nigeria Dr. Obelebra Adebiyi
Immunization completion, non-compliance and dropout rates in children aged 12-59 months in Akpabuyo local government area of cross River State Dr. VIVIEN OTU
Early life exposure to antibiotics and The risk of atopic dermatitis in The offspring: a Swedish register-based cohort study Dr. Mwenya Mubanga
Effectiveness of a multi-compounds nutraceutical formulation in patients with symptomatic uncomplicated diverticular disease Dr. Antonietta Gerarda GRAVINA
A retrospective study assessing prevalence and clinical outcome of rectal and faringeal colonization by Multi-drug-resistant organisms (MDRO). Dr. GABRIELLA NASI
Sturge weber syndrome with monocular cataract Ms. Sepo Hope Matapo
Prevalence and correlates of traditional herbal medicine use among women who give birth at New Masala Clinic Ms. Taizya Ndawa
Laryngopyocele as a cause of acute upper airway obstruction Ms. Kasakula Kaunda
The anxiety and depression of skin (dermatologic) Neglected Tropical Diseases Dr. Mah Asombang
Advanced HIV disease management practices within inpatient medicine units at a referral hospital in Zambia: a retrospective chart review Dr. Nyuma Mbewe
Leprosy; A case report of an avoidable disability Ms. Therese Shema Nzayisenga
Socio demographic correlates of non communicable diseases among pensioners in Benue State, Nigeria Dr. Doofan Ayatse
A case report on pulmonary Koch’s Disease Ms. Tamara Victoria Kaluba
Dental activities during The pandemic: experiences from different settings in two central Italian Regions Dr. Laura Miriam Pallotta
Impact of The COVID-19 pandemic on medical education, face-to-face versus virtual learning Dr. Dabota Yvonne Buowari
Topic Presenter
Nighttime sleep disturbance increases risk of atherogenic dyslipidemia: Evidence of female predominance Ms. I-Ling Chen
Tenon Excision with Fibrin Glue Assisted Reattachment of Conjunctiva Flap (T.E.F.A.R.C) for The Treatment of Conjunctivochalasis Dr. Yi-Ting Hou
Artificial intelligence-based differential diagnosis pneumonia from pulmonary edema, among The patients at emergency unit. Prof. Soo-Youn Ham
Investigating The Effects of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor (PPAR)-α Agonists on Corneal Nerve Regeneration in Patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus Ms. Calesta Hui Yi Teo
Duchenne muscular dystrophy newborn screening: The first 50,000 newborns screened in Taiwan Dr. Yin-Hsiu Chien
Asymptomatic ASS1 carriers with high blood citrulline levels Dr. Hui-An Chen
Improved diagnosis of citrin deficiency by newborn screening with a molecular second-tier test Dr. Hui-An Chen
High incidence of null mutations and Addison disease phenotype from X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy newborn screening program in Taiwan Dr. Hui-An Chen
Risks of perioperative and late outcomes after acute aortic dissection in different sexes in Taiwan Dr. CZE CI CHAN
A nationwide population-based cohort study on sex differences in risks of in-hospital and late outcomes after cardiac surgery Dr. Ann Ling
A Modified Surgical Technique of Fibrin Glue-Assisted Double Bipedicle Conjunctival Flaps (F.A.D.C.O.F.) for Patients with Ocular Surface Diseases Dr. Jen-Yu Liu
Disability status and health-related quality of life in patients with rotator cuff syndrome Dr. Yi-Shiung Horng
Early detection and timely intervention in high-risk groups of hypertension and kidney disease by personalized follow-up schedules in children with williams syndrome Dr. Yi-Hsuan Tang
Favorable outcome of personalized perinatal management for infants with Severe Antenatally Diagnosed Hydronephrosis Ms. Wan-Hsin Liu
Application of immersive mixed reality for children with end-stage renal disease on shared decision-making for The choice of dialysis modality Dr. Hsin-Hui Wang
Adverse skin reaction after COVID-19 vaccination Dr. HYUNJUNG KIM
A study on The women with ovarian clear cell carcinoma showing endometriosis at The same time in Korean Women Prof. Chan Joo Kim
Digital dermatopathology and its application to Mohs Micrographic Surgery Dr. Jihee Kim
Topic Presenter
Prevalence and risk factors for sexual abuse in Nigerian adolescents Dr. Evonemo Esievoadje
Adaptation of World Health Organization Caregiver Skills Training Program in Taiwan – A qualitative report Ms. Mei-Ni Hsiao
Factors influencing consideration of medicine as future career choice among female high school girls in North West Nigeria Dr. Amina .T. Lawal Bello
Gender specific vulnerabilities of boys and girls affected by consequences of crisis and poverty in Mali Dr. Lalla Fatouma TRAORE
Design consideration of pediatric patient education aid using 3D-Printed Architecture Model: a specific application on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis Dr. Julie Chen
The achievement of Teenage Pregnancy initiative Project with The concept of ‘Teen will not pregnant, if pregnant must continue The study’ Dr. Darunee Buddhari
Decoding The COVID crisis recovery: leveraging digital technologies & social inclusion A/Prof. Warunee Vandepitte
Reproductive health challenges of female rural adolescents in South Eastern Nigeria Dr. Amaka Obi-Nwosu
Menstruation knowledge, stigmatization and support perception of adolescent boys in a rural Secondary School in Benue State, Nigeria Dr. Laadi Terrumun Swende
Topic Presenter
Body composition and cardiorespiratory fitness in female healthcare workers with or without shifts Dr. Hai-Hua Chuang
Sleep quality in female Italian physicians: The results of a survey Dr. Antonella Vezzani
Organisational strategies modify work stress for healthcare workers during The COVID-19 pandemic Dr. Wan-Ju Cheng
Exploring UK medical registrars’ experiences of sexism in The medical workplace Dr. Claire King
Sexual harms between doctors: international experiences, perspectives and responses Louise Stone
Bullying and harassment: prevalence and prevention Dr. Clarissa Fabre
Sexual harassment of female medical doctors by male medical doctors: a case series Dr. Jane Chanda Kabwe
No right to be ill : The plight of foreign migrant workers in Taiwan Ms. Chia-Yu Hsu
Strengthening The response to Family Violence in Our Medical Practices Dr. Marjorie Cross
Topic Presenter
Debriefing for junior doctors within hospitals – an analysis and recommendations provided by The Junior Medical Officer Forum of Queensland Dr. Helena Franco
Medical students experience of discrimination over time at a Swedish medical school – no #metoo effect! Ms. Sofia Kühner
Senior medical students’ identification on elements and skills required in challenging doctor-patient communications – a preliminary study of a curriculum design Ms. Wan-Ting Chen
Inclusion of sex difference knowledge into medical physiology course: exploring The case in National Taiwan University College of Medicine Ms. Kuan-Chen Chen
The effectiveness of high-fidelity simulation team training of emergency situation in postgraduate trainees Dr. Kang-Ju Chou
Challenges faced by first-year students at a Military Medical School in Taiwan Ms. Pin-Hsuan Yao
Entrustable professional activities framework models implementation in post-graduate year pediatric training to advance medical educational effect Dr. Hsin-Hui Wang
Emotional intelligence and its impact on doctors in training Dr. Emily Horan
Delivering virtual continuous medical education in a low resource setting during The COVID-19 Era. a report Dr. Tepwanji Mpetemoya
Topic Presenter
Kissing Stent for innominate Artery Dissection Dr. Chu-Hsuan Kuo
Posterior Fossa Tumor as a cause of blindness in a 22 year old male; A case report Ms. Therese Shema Nzayisenga
Comparison of applications and experiences of profundus artery flap and small deep inferior epigastric in breast reconstruction Ms. Siew Yoek Chan
Prevalence and predictors of nocturnal polyuria in females with overactive bladder syndrome Dr. Pei-Chi Wu
Torsion of Meckel Diverticulum as a rare cause of intestinal Obstruction: A case study Dr. Victoria Zulu
The impact of Coronavirus on The Surgical Patient Dr. Helena Franco
Treatment results for 1 year after bladder hydro distention for interstitial cystitis with Hunner lesions A/Prof. Yoshiko Maeda
A rare case of symptomatic solid pseudopapillary neoplasm in a 23 year female Dr. Chinyama pauline Mugode
A prospective study on single layer bowel repair Dr. Darshan B M
Subcutaneous Emphysema as a rare complication of Asthma exacerbation: A case study Dr. Victoria Zulu
Topic Presenter
Unsupervised subtyping of motor dysfunction of Parkinson’s disease and its structural brain imaging correlates Ms. Yu Fan Lin
Prevalence of behavior and physical comorbidity of migraine in later life: Results from The Swedish Adoption/Twin Study of Aging (SATSA) Ms. Fang Yu Lin
The First Case of SYNE1-related Cerebellar Ataxia in Taiwanese Population: Case Report with Literature Review Ms. Pei Shan Yu
The effectiveness of different diet plans in migraineurs: ketogenic diet, low-carb diet, and intermittent fasting diet Ms. Min-Chen Tsai
The correlation between hepatitis B surface antigen level at end-of-treatment and relapse timing/severity in chronic hepatitis B patients stopping Nucs Dr. Yen-Chun Liu
Discordant risk of hepatocellular carcinoma among different definitions of advanced chronic liver disease in chronic hepatitis C patients achieved sustained virological response Dr. Yen-Chun Liu
Functional cure could further reduce Hepatocellular carcinoma incidence in cirrhotic chronic hepatitis B patients than those under viral suppression by antivirals Dr. Wen-Juei Jeng
From ‘DICA’ endoscopic classification to ‘CODA’ score: a step forward in The management of diverticular disease. Findings from a prospective cohort study. Dr. GABRIELLA NASI
Hepatitis B immunization uptake amongst healthcare workers in Lagos State, Nigeria Dr. Subedat Temitayo Ishola
Topic Presenter
Gender participation trends in Taiwan medical education Mr. Yi-Chih Shiao
Sex differences in body composition and single leg stance among medical workers Dr. Hai-Hua Chuang
Women Doctors and COVID-19: an international, sex-disaggregated survey of experiences and concerns raised by women doctors working during a pandemic. Dr. Magdalena Simonis
The disproportionate Impact of The COVID-19 Pandemic on Academic Women in Medicine Prof. Adrienne Torda
Australian medical student expectations of work-life balance as a doctor Ms. Sue Liu
Empowering ‘Medical Women’ in COVID-19 fighting era Dr. Darunee Buddhari
Thyroid diseases and gender differences Dr. Luciana Maria Bovone
MWIA Membership: Herstory Dr. ELEANOR NWADINOBI
Humanity, Empathy, and Communication: The COVID-19 leadership lessons A/Prof. Warunee Vandepitte
Topic Presenter
Prevalence, pattern and risk factors of sexual violence in tertiary institutions in Rivers State Dr. Vivian Ifeoma Ogbonna
Association of heated tobacco product Use and SHS exposure with suicidal ideation, suicide plans, and suicide attempts among Korean adolescents Prof. Kang-Sook Lee
Are health workers more willing to accept and receive COVID-19 vaccine compared to non-health workers? A national study Dr. Ogechukwu Mary-Anne Isokariari
Resilience of women victims of The crisis in Mali: between hope and despair Dr. Yaye DIARRA
Impacts of economical transformation and socioenvironmental changes on The incidence and survival of preterm infants in Taiwan-A cohort study by Premature Baby Foundation of Taiwan Dr. Reyin Lien
Determinants of uptake of intermittent preventive treatment for malaria with sulfadoxine pyrimethamine in pregnancy: a cross-sectional analytical study in The Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis of Ghana Dr. Christabel Ayepah
MEDICAL Women’s Association of Nigeria adopted health facilities activities 2019-2021 biennium Dr. Bobola Agbonle
Compliance with infection prevention and control policies in secondary and tertiary health facilities in Delta State of Nigeria Dr. Mininim Oseji
Collaborating to support global elimination of cervical cancer - The “Cancer Won’t Wait” Program in Canada Dr. Vivien Brown
Topic Presenter
Effect of Aqueous Extract of Vernonia Amygdalina (Bitter Leaf) on Gastric pH and Serum Bicarbonate on Wistar Rats Dr. Winifred Udeh
The Case for Early and Universal Screening for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: Findings from 9,314 pregnant women in Nigeria Dr. Omosivie Maduka
Effects of intravascular laser irradiation of blood on motor deficit in a case of myasthenia gravis: observation with clinical scores and brain perfusion images Ms. Chiao-Hsin Lan
Anthropometric measures of obesity and quality of life Dr. Amaka Obi-Nwosu
The effect of zingiber officinale and allium sativum on the prefrontal cortex of streptozotocin induced diabetes milletus model in male adult in wistar rat Dr. Dorcas Taiwo-Ola
Assessing The benefits of extended release cornstarch in glycogen storage diseases Dr. Rai-Hseng Hsu
Elevated serum level of total Immunoglobulin E is related to major illnesses, allergic disorders, and metabolic syndrome in hospital workers Dr. Liang Sien Chen
Influence of Female Gender on The Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome in obese and non-obese adults in Southern Nigeria. Dr. Abiodun Ajeigbe
Worrying and The practice of breast self examination in females with a family history of breast cancer in South- Western Nigeria Dr. BRIDGET OMISORE
Topic Presenter
Usage and cost-effectiveness of elective oocyte freezing in which in-vitro fertilization is exclusively provided to married heterosexual couples in Asia Ms. Ih-Jane Yang
Obstetric referral processes and The role of inter-facility communication: The district level experience in The Greater Accra region of Ghana Dr. MARY AMOAKOH-COLEMAN
Survey analysis for “medical support education for single mothers" conducted by The Korean Women's Medical Association Prof. Chan Joo Kim
‘Others Will Even Call us Terminators’: Barriers and Facilitators to Provision of Comprehensive Abortion Care (Cac) in Zambia – A Qualitative Study Dr. Christabel Chigwe Phiri
Abortion care services in Zambian health facilities: Users' experiences and perceptions Dr. Mwansa Ketty Lubeya
Clinical audit on management of severe pre-eclampsia within 24 hours postpartum at a Tertiary Hospital in Zambia Ms. Kasakula Kaunda
Knowledge, perceptions and attitudes among pregnant women towards emergency caesarean section and anaesthesia Ms. Songiwe Chiluba
Pattern of cervical smear cytology: Findings from MWAN cervical cancer WORTHI Project in Sokoto State, Nigeria Dr. Hadiza Abubakar Bawa
Comparison between estrogen and oral progestogen in The control of pelvic pain and in The impact on The quality of life and sexual well-being of patients with endometriosis. Observational study. Dr. Giulia Chimenti
Topic Presenter
Personalised medicine in ADHD: Focus on inflammation and omega-3 Dr. Jane Pei-Chen Chang
Involuntary hospitalization: A necessary evil, or where The public peril ends? Ms. Chu Wei Tsai
The roles of co-occurring psychiatric symptoms between autistic symptoms and later emotion dysregulation: A canonical correlation analysis Dr. Yueh Ming Tai
Determinants and practice of stimulants use among medical students of a tertiary institution, Zaria, Kaduna State, North West Nigeria. Dr. Zainab Kwaru Muhammad-Idris
Psychiatric symptoms and disorders among patients with culture-specific somatic symptoms in Nigeria Dr. Chizoba Francisca Achor
Encounter The women and child mental health in Tuvalu_ from The perspective of view of one woman psychiatrist Dr. Chun-ya Kuo
The violence against women: an Italian approach to understand etiological factors Dr. Irene Calesini
Gender differences in substance use disorder Prof. Lian-Yu Chen
Topic Presenter
Female doctors labor rights and labor unions: dissecting The relationship in light of judicial interpretation no. 807 Ms. Pei-Chi Tseng
Perception of women doctors on The evolution of their career in Mali Dr. Ghislaine Neuilly Ngniee Tafo
Using Community Health Workers (CHWs) and Nurses (CHNs) for home visits to pregnant women for better maternal and newborn outcomes. Dr. Marion Okoh-Owusu
Digital Health to advance rural health equity Dr. Marissa Daniels
Topic Speaker Moderator
HPV-related head and neck cancers: Perspectives of HPV vaccination Prof. Pei-Jen Lou Professor and Vice Superintendent, NTUCC

Prof. Tsai Eing-Mei, MD, PhD Professor and Director, Center for Research Resource and Development, KMUH

Prof. Angel Chao, MD, PhD Professor and Director, Gynecologic Cancer Research Center, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (CGMH), Linkou Branch

HPV-related cancer precursors and cancers in lower genital tract: The HPV vaccines impact in The world Prof. Chyong-Huey Lai Professor and Vice Superintendent, CGMH, Linkou Branch President, TMWA
HPV vaccination program for both sexes in Australia Prof. Julia Brotherton, MD, PhD Centre for The Prevention of Cervical Cancer, Australia

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Prof. Huey-Ling Chen, MD, PhD Professor and Director, Department of Medical Education and Bioethics, NTUH President, TSPGHAN

Prof. Ming-Ling Chang, MD, PhD Professor, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (CGMH), LinKou Branch

Our Perseverance in Treating HBV Prof. Grace LH Wong Professor and Director, Department of Medicine and Therapeutics, CUHK Honorary Consultant, PWH
Our Aspiration in Eliminating HCV Prof. Ayano inui Professor, Growth Liver Gastroenterology, THU Director, Pediatric Liver and Gastroenterology, SYTH
Our Dedication in Combating HIV Dr. Kuan-Yeh Lee Director, Global Medical Affairs HIV, Gilead Sciences
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